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About EDEC

eDiscovery Education Center is owned by Arkfeld Professional Education, LLC (APE), an organization that provides instructional content to the legal community in the areas of eDiscovery, digital evidence and forensics, and data analytics.

Arkfeld Professional Education is dedicated to providing legal practitioners and associated professionals with the most current, relevant information and practices which are essential to the development of a competent, professional group. We strive to achieve these objectives through high quality live and online presentations.

These educational presentations are supplemented with substantive written material, model forms and other resources to support your needs in these specific areas. We solicit the most prominent lawyers, judges and other legal practitioners who speak and write for our organization.

APE is focused on utilizing traditional and emerging technologies to assist in offering live courses, live webcasts and on-demand courses.

Corporate Mission

To enhance the professionalism of the legal practitioner and other qualified individuals by providing the most cost-effective live and online learning techniques and other resources to handle legal and practical issues in their practice area to enable them to practice law competently and ethically.