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Online Classes - Arkfeld eDiscovery and Digital Evidence

With the implementation of the amended federal rules, state rules and case law regarding electronic discovery and evidence, legal professionals must respond and adapt to our changing litigation environment.  Changing technological evidence such as texting and social networking content creates new discovery targets.

To fully understand how the law and the technology intersect, eDiscovery practitioners need a foundation in computer technology and how it relates to the practice of law.  The initial part of the 8-week class will serve as an essential primer of computer technological concepts and data forensics and its importance in your cases.  Following the Information Technology (IT) section, the class will continue on to provide instruction, strategy and tactics for handling specific Electronically Stored Information (ESI) legal issues throughout pretrial discovery.  This entire series is based on the Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence Treatise and Best Practice Guides.  (Click here for more information on eDiscovery Publications.)

This unique online eDiscovery class, with its acclaimed materials, in the past has brought together some of the most distinguished experts including speakers Judge John Facciola (ret.), Judge Paul Grimm and Mark Sidoti.

Our classes provide you with the opportunity to interact with the instructor through our live online sessions. The classes also give you access to:

  • Over 18 hours of "Advanced" eDiscovery videos and a condensed version of 7 hours of "Basic" eDiscovery videos
  • Pre- and post-tests to help you check your progress in the class
  • Factual scenarios to help you apply your new learning
  • Fall and Spring Classes

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from and network with other legal professionals in this unique online learning environment that will permit innovative interactive learning. Classes are held in the Spring and Fall of each year. (Click here for a list of upcoming dates.)

If you are interested in private, online instruction for your organization or group, contact Michael Arkfeld at   

What is Unique About the Class?

  • Primary instructor: Michael Arkfeld, former litigator and acclaimed author and speaker who has written the seminal work on eDiscovery
  • Unparalleled course materials - Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence publications - authoritative, current, comprehensive publications and model practice forms
  • Focused on technological concepts and legal principles
  • Interactive, innovative live teaching platform
  • Online interactive class includes over 18 hours of on-demand eDiscovery videos
  • Pre- and Post-testing and certification
  • Certificate of Completion of Arkfeld eDiscovery Course will be awarded upon meeting the course requirements
  • CLE approved - call for details


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