eDiscovery Certified Professionals

EDEC Congratulates the Graduates of the Arkfeld eDiscovery Program

We wish to acknowledge some of the many individuals who have completed the Arkfeld Online eDiscovery Training Course.  This eDiscovery program is a nationally recognized program providing instruction and training in the area of eDiscovery. These graduates are now "eDiscovery Certified Professionals." The Certificate of Course Completion for the eDiscovery course is based on 18 hours of online, on-demand video instruction, 8-12 hours of live interactive in person or online sessions, and a final test.  The course is premised on the acclaimed Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence treatise and Best Practices Guides.  The purpose of the course is to provide legal professionals with basic and advanced understanding of eDiscovery in a structured course environment.  The course brings together the technological issues and critical legal issues, along with strategy and tactics in eDiscovery and has been CLE approved in most states.  Distinguished past guest lecturers for the program have included Judge John M. Facciola, Mark Sidoti and many others.

Scott Blair

Jennifer Boucher

Colleen Caamano

Lawrence J. Carcare, III

Rachel Clarke

Melanie Cooke

Justin Cooper

Gordon Cruse

John Gibson

John Guerine

James Hankle

Jonae Harrison

Gregory Kaseno

Michael Landis

Marian Mackey

Frank Mancini

Rico Martinez

Thomas Morrissey

Terrence Noro

Karen Olsen

Janeen Ramos

Jadhira Rivera

Michael Roach

William Robinson

Christian Stueben

Susan Supp

Peggy Swearingen

Salim Uqdah

William Travis

Rebecca Wood