Online Education Content Creation

Licensing Content or In-House Professional Development Programs

Either license our content for viewing in your organization and/or have us assist you with an onsite or offsite instructor to lead and facilitate the learning process.

Licensing content or holding in-house programs are a great way to ensure everyone shares the same base legal knowledge and are equipped to take on the challenges of handling legal matters in a consistent manner.

License Online Content

License eDiscovery Education Center courses and programs from our portfolio for a group within your organization. We can tailer the curriculum and content to address your organization's specific legal practice requirements and interests, incorporating, if needed, relevant learning activities that speak directly to initiatives or projects taking place within your organization.

These employees will learn together and collaborate on the program content. This team-based approach provides a common skill-set and knowledge-base for all of your employees in a particular area.

Contact for more information on licensing content for group viewing.

In-House Training

Are you interested in having an onsite or offsite (Skype or other methods) expert instructor? EDEC's in-house workshops are both developed and presented by its expert staff. You'll benefit from cutting-edge practical application of the ever changing law and presented by thought leaders who are closely involved with these issues. These programs can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

If needed, we can incorporate relevant learning activities that speak directly to initiatives or projects taking place within your organization.

Benefits of Attending Online Live Events, Licensing Online Content or Conducting In-House Training

  • Save money - take advantage of group rates or licensing to eliminate costly staff travel, food, or lodging expenses
  • Save time - eliminate employee out-of-office time and well as travel time
  • Save on development and presenting costs - we've done the work for you
  • Enhance teamwork - learning together creates a cooperative environment, enhances teamwork and ensures consistency in their approach
  • Strengthen core competencies - enhance the core competencies in your firm.
  • Availability of staff - in-house training allows critical staff to get the training they need, yet still be accessible should you need them
  • Staff perception - retain employees by providing training showing you value them by investing in their growth and development
  • Convenient - you determine the location, schedule and hold the course or view the content when it’s convenient for you and your co-employees
  • Customize - choose and modify the course choosing from different programs to meet your needs
  • High quality and practical -- courses provide practical, real-world knowledge
  • Interactive - if you choose to have one of our instructors (onsite or offsite) they will actively engage attendees in the learning process
  • Remain competitive - keeping your staff's knowledge and skills current is just as important as updating your equipment and technology
  • Expectations - we find out what you need from the course beforehand, ensuring we meet your expectations